Welcome to Whimsy and grace….

Needlepoint is an art that soothes the soul, quiets the mind and expands the heart.

Our design collaborations are created with love, attention to detail, artistic chords of color and, of course, Whimsy and grace. Many of our designs are presented in a series and many are specifically designed for creating and practicing new stitches. How wonderful to keep learning, expanding and experiencing the potential and possibilities of this art. I am pleased to present my designs as well as the designs of other artists.
At Whimsy and grace we believe in “Lagniappes” which means “a little something extra”.  You will find scissors cases with custom tassels; belts designed for exquisite custom buckles; dog collars with solid pewter St Francis medallions for I.D. tags; Fred and Ginger have all their buttons and bows; our Rabbit canvases come with delightful matching fabric eggs and there’s more, more, more.

Please visit our site often to enjoy our new designs.

Every stitch with love,
Toni Randall

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